Valves & Seats


Cross Arms-Valve Seat & Spring

The Cross Arms Valve is a 4-Web Center Guided Valve System. This Valve has a replaceable Insert that is retained by a screw on plate with hammer lugs. Available in heavy duty standard temperature and high temperature versions. Oxide coated


Full Open Valve

Full Open Mud Pump Valves Seats Premium is the leader in full open valve and seat supply; the first valves and seats in the industry rated for continuous service at 7500 psi. The Premium design incorporates many of the features proven in the


Service Master Drilling Valve

The Service Master Drilling Vavle is the most economical drilling valve has to offer. The Service Master Drilling Valve utilizes a full open style with a forged steel valve body and investment cast bottom guide.  Full Open style Drilling


Bonded Valve

Premium Rig Parts introduces a new and improved full open valve with bonded insert. The bonded valve has replaced the slip-on insert to provide a tighter fit. This design is permanently bonded to the valve body. This reduces the tendency fo

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